In my portfolio you’ll find the things that inspire me the most, that'’ why I end this site with a list of 10 of my favourite restaurants, best friends, inspirations and workshops that I’ve had the opportunity to take.
I am blessed enough to be korean and brazilian at the same time. In Brazil they call me korean and in Korea they call me brazilian and that's how my identity crisis started.

In every project, I try to discover myself and put the best of my two roots into it.

Here you'll find my selected works. A mix of brazilian ginga and korean 스타일.

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Skype: chungalanchung
+55 (11) 974 332 321


Visual Designer @ R/GA

Past experience


Cheil Worldwide / São Paulo

Fabrica Research Centre (United Colors of Benetton) / Italy

Ogilvy & Mather / São Paulo

Wieden+Kennedy / São Paulo WPP / São Paulo

Babel / São Paulo

Arenas ESPM / São Paulo

Clients I've worked for:

Nike / Samsung / BMW / Subway / / Skol Beats / Snapchat(Venice Beach) / Motorola / Mondelez (Lacta, 5star, others) /  Unilever (Seda Sunsilk, Omo, Dove) / Grazi Massafera Eyewear & others.


Josef Müller-Brockmann - Designer
Jaemin Lee - Designer
Paul Belford - Designer
Banda 5AM - Independent band
Cid Cidoso - Não Salvo


"Photobiography" - Masterclass by Martin Parr

Photography Workshop & Portfolio Review by Martin Parr

More than Fifty Years of Magnificent Failure Masterclass - Oliviero Toscani

Risograph - Meli-Melo(Beto Galvão)

Destroying the Risograph - Issue Press(George Wietor)

Basic Calligraphy - Jackson Alves
Favorite Restaurants

Jiquitaia / SP
Churrascaria Hirata / Campinas SP
Heuksiru (흙시루) / Busan, KOR
초가집 / SP
Borgo / SP
BAO / London, UK
ICI Brasserie / SP
Mimo Restaurante / SP
Underdog / SP
Clé / Buenos Aires, ARG
Life Achievements

Martin Parr, the most famous photographer in the world reviewed my Instagram and said directly to me: "Your photos are hopeless"  (click to see)

Top 15 Global in the game Bullet Echo

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S–P Brazil
+55 (11) 974 332 321