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“” ( is a new reselling online platform in which anyone can be an entrepeneur: all you need is friends and a cellphone. Using the concept “buying from friends”, we created a series of posters that are placed in the company’s headquarters.  

How about buying from someone who’s not going to sell you anything?

No salesperson can say: “I thought of you when I saw this” with so much authority.

Who would say that the person whom they most trust is a salesperson?

Let’s have more friends becoming sellers and less sellers pretending to be our friends.

Sellers that won’t lie because:

1) They are your friends.
2) You know where they live.

Art direction: Alan Chung, Rodrigo Mendes
Copywriter: Caio Mattoso, Danilo Santos, Matheus Endo

Creative Directors: Rodrigo Mendes, Caio Mattoso

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