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This is a good story about a job that went (almost) completely wrong.

Our mission was to launch the new Moto G4 and talk about the cellphone's best feature: a camera with fast laser autofocus.

We created the whole campaign based on the concept "Foca no momento", which means "Focus on the moment". We had 3 films script, 3 types of keyvisual (the only thing that survived) and social stuff.

Everything was perfect until the client realized that "foca" (focus) means "seal" in portuguese and that she could use a toy seal as the main character of the campaign.

P.s: Our friends solved it in the funniest way possible.

We lost the campaign but we still have the visuals:  

Art direction: Alan Chung, Caio Cardoso
Copywriter: Pedro Maneschy

Creative Directors: Guilherme Jahara, Marcelo Torma, Marcelo Siqueira

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